Critical Reviews


The poet touches the Achilles Heel of our flaky world

"Kaushal’s ‘Siamese Compassion’ strikes the right chord in the right place through the spunky and sharp-tongued verses"


"Lyrical, rhetorical as well as rhythmic"


"Each poem sends the adrenaline rushing in our body, for we know what the poet is trying to say but we are too naïve to accept the truth"

I was hit by the strongest of forces ever known to humanity

– the force of reality

"These thoughts must have matured through myriads of experiences of life and the shape they have taken in the poems of Siamese Compassion, make Kaushal one of my favorite contemporary poets"


"Is there a hope somewhere to live a life untainted by the artificial idealism that we are born in and taught about but keep violating all our lives? You might have to turn to this book to find that out"


a perfect 4 out of 4!

"The poems are in such an easy language, and yet provide such profound thoughts"


"I especially enjoyed references to other literature (like Sylvia Plath and Freud in the poem Stockholm Syndrome)"


"I rate this a perfect 4 out of 4 and would recommend it to anyone who likes reading poetry that reflects deep thoughts"

Reader Reviews


As real as they can get

Kaushal has effectively used the technique of having the reader glide through the poems in the beginning (albeit in an imaginary stratosphere), and bringing him down to earth at the end.

The jolt that one gets towards the end of quite a few poems is sudden, but realistic.

I would not like to pick one single poem that can stand out, rather it's the entire "en masse" that works as an experience.


Profound rhymes

Kaushal's poems will make you shake your head, mutter 'exactly' and marvel at his range.

From Linda Goodman to Freud - from washrooms to barber shops; everything makes for introspection.


Hits way too close to the heart

Kaushal is able to strip away the veneer of pretense and expose the underlying reality.

His distinct way of writing helps readers find humour in situations, but also makes them ponder on what we, as a civilization, have morphed into.

An honest and straightforward review of the decisions we have made and continue to make in our personal and public lives.


Is my red the same as yours?

Having inhabited this planet for millennia now how much do we really know about ourselves - as individuals, as society, as mankind at large.

This book, in my opinion, is a pretext for us to do some introspection.


These poems will stay with you long after you’ve read them

Once in a while you come across something that’s delightful and thought provoking at the same time. Siamese Compassion did this for me and so I *had* to write about it.

Each of Kaushal’s poems is a gem – and you get the feeling that he’s polished each one fondly.

So rare to find such fine balance of fantasy and reality.

The language is simple and conversational at all times. But don’t be fooled by it and think these are casual poems, for these poems have profound depth.

Kaushal seems to have a good grasp on the human condition, or the confusion that is the human condition, in any case.

Beyond the oft-irreverent style, you can see that there’s a deep concern for the world and its inhabitants, for the happenings and the ideologies and thought patterns that make up our world.

There’s honesty – sometimes so raw that it’s like catching a glimpse of yourself sans makeup in a very clear mirror in stark lighting. Not desirable, but truth nevertheless.


Focused and profound

The topics caught me offguard and this is surely a big improvement from the first book.

I liked Collective unconscious and Stockholm syndrome. Good going. Keep it up.


A good read....!!!

Starts making you think and leaves you thinking...

A collection of intellectual poems, keep going and keep writing. All the best.

Siamese Compassion
By Kaushal Suvarna