Reader Reviews


Brilliant Collection!

A diverse collection of poems capturing various emotions and situations written over nearly two decades.
The title poem is an apt representation of a modern day relationship!!
The Road, A Silver Lining, Wrecker-in-Chief, The Mask, Get Going My Friend stand out in this excellent set of poems.

Especially a few poems on heart-break and love. There were 2 that I found exceptional

I found it interesting, especially a few poems on heart-break and love.
There were 2 that I found exceptional, the one where you are motivating a friend to move on and the other about long distance relation, Trans-Arabian handshake. I could identify with these 2 the most.

Awesome, lyrical and beautifully crafted

It really touches on the most basic of emotions "Love". Author takes reader for an emotional ride.
Eagerly waiting for the next master piece!!!

Lingers long after read

I Love You So, Dear lil bird and Touched are good; each different, with its spirit lingering after read it for many days.
The book works as a whole to give a spirit of life's beauty and existentialism; and the spirit of this poet.
Can't wait for more from him :)

A Trans-Arabian Handshake
By Kaushal Suvarna